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In an ever-changing world, effective and visionary leadership is the cornerstone of success - rasd has witnessed this directly in the GCC over the years in private business and government. Leaders who motivate and guide their teams through challenges create a lasting impact on their organizations. Our approach emphasizes the significance of leaders who are culturally aligned with their teams, but also with stakeholders, board members, owners, and the market. This holistic alignment fosters unparalleled levels of growth and drives the organization's success. Identifying the right leader is essential for an organization's future, as they shape its direction and create enduring legacies. By connecting organizations with exceptional leaders, we facilitate innovation and meaningful change, enabling them to flourish in a dynamic environment.

At rasd, we blend our renowned meticulous search methodology with principles of industrial and organizational psychology to deliver outstanding results. Pioneering the industry in the GCC, we are both the first firm with an unwavering presence in the market and the first member of the AESC globally from the region, positioning us to swiftly identify and secure top-tier talent across a multitude of industries.

By incorporating cutting-edge organizational psychology assessments into our search process, we elevate our ability to perform comprehensive evaluations of candidates.

  • 01 PLAN
    Understanding the Organization and Role: We start by grasping your organization's culture, structure, objectives, and the role for which you're seeking a candidate. This holistic understanding lays the foundation for a successful search. Understanding the Context: We conduct a thorough analysis of your market, sector, and competition to contextualize the search. By understanding the broader industry landscape, we can better align our strategy with your unique needs. Defining the Ideal Profile & Obtaining Validation: We work closely with you to develop a candidate profile that includes the necessary skills, experience, and personal qualities for the role. We then obtain your validation to ensure it matches your expectations and needs. Identifying Core Competencies: Competencies are the observable external manifestations of a leader's intellect, personality, and motivations in a specific context. They serve as key predictors of their performance in organizations. As such, we attach special importance not only to identifying the necessary and preferred competencies for the role, but also to validating their presence in the executives throughout our search and once again towards the end of the process using our proprietary assessment methods. Developing the Search Strategy: Based on the agreed-upon profile, we create a tailored, strategic plan for the search. This includes identifying target industries, companies, and key positions to source potential candidates from.
  • 02 SEARCH
    Conducting Methodical Market Research: Leveraging our extensive industry knowledge and tools, we conduct a comprehensive research of the market to identify potential candidates fitting your ideal profile. Approaching Suitable Leadership Profiles & Conducting Preliminary Discussions: We reach out to potential candidates, conducting preliminary discussions to gauge interest and ensure congruence with the role's requirements. Report Presentation and Discussion of Interested Promising Candidates: Our search progress is trackable in real time. Additionally at this milestone, we discuss our preliminary findings to keep you updated on interested candidates, market perception, and our counsel.
    Obtaining Client Feedback: We solicit your feedback at every stage to refine our search process and ensure alignment with your expectations. Conducting Video & Face-to-Face Interviews: Initial screenings are conducted via video calls, followed by in-person interviews, providing a comprehensive understanding of the candidates' competencies. Conducting Preliminary Reference Checks: We carry out preliminary reference checks to verify the candidates' professional history and reputation. Presenting Shortlist of Qualified Candidates: A shortlist of the most promising candidates, who have passed our rigorous screening and evaluation process, is presented for your review. Conducting Individual Assessments: The top three candidates undergo an individual assessment to evaluate their skills, experience, and cultural fit more deeply. Creating a Comparison Report of Assessments: We create a comprehensive comparison report, providing an at-a-glance view of the top candidates' strengths and areas for development.
  • 04 SELECT
    Client Interviews with Candidates: We coordinate interviews between you and the shortlisted candidates. These meetings provide an opportunity for a deeper assessment and a personal connection. Contract Negotiations & Final Reference Check: Once a candidate is chosen, we facilitate contract negotiations, ensuring all parties are satisfied with the terms. A final reference check is also conducted to confirm our findings. Follow-Up Post-Hiring: We remain engaged as necessary after the placement to ensure a smooth transition. Our follow-up includes regular check-ins with both you and the candidate to ensure ongoing success in the role.
“I have known Rasd for more than 20 years and we have witnessed several successful leadership placements. The company has a clearly established philosophy and methodology, dedicated search process, and objectivity in counselling talent and clients on their aspirations. Above all, they are a native company and have a strong grasp of our corporate values and culture in the Gulf.” 

Minister & ex-CEO, Consumer Goods
US$ 5 Billion in revenues

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