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Nadim Essaid

Chairman & Managing Director

Nadim Essaid, founder and Managing Director of Rasd, began his career in engineering and swiftly displayed notable leadership and strategic acumen. He earned a Bachelor of Engineering from the American University of Beirut and a Master's in Management Science from Purdue University in 1976.

In roles with Consolidated Contractor's Company (CCC) and SOGEX International Ltd., he contributed to significant projects. As Managing Director of Gustav Pegel & Sohn in Berlin, he led major initiatives across Saudi Arabia and the GCC.

Identifying a need for specialized executive search in the Middle East and GCC in 1989, Mr. Essaid founded Rasd. Under his guidance, the firm became a gold standard in executive search. Leading Rasd, he has managed numerous impactful leadership engagements, establishing a solid network in the GCC business sector. His focus on operational excellence has been pivotal in Rasd's growth.

Mr. Essaid's extensive experience provides Rasd with deep insights into the leadership landscape of the Gulf. His visionary leadership and methodical approach have been instrumental in Rasd's success and influence in the GCC business community.

Jobair Jaber

Partner, Leadership Advisory

Jobair Jaber is the head of leadership advisory at Rasd, where he spearheads the talent selection and development solutions for prominent shareholders and leading institutions in achieving their strategic talent objectives.​

Mr. Jaber is a globally trained Industrial/Organizational Psychologist with a wealth of expertise and experience in the field. He has worked with a variety of organizations, ranging from boutique firms and startups to multinational corporations, gaining exposure to diverse industries and cultures. He is particularly passionate about developing scientifically-proven organizational and talent management solutions to help companies optimize employee engagement, satisfaction, and productivity, and foster a positive workplace culture that facilitates growth and development.

Mr. Jaber received his Bachelors from McGill University in Organizational Behaviour and his Masters from University College London in I/O Psychology. His academic research has lead him to be trained under the great minds of Adrian Furnham, Dr Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic and Dr. Dimitrios Tsivrikos.

Mr. Jaber's experience in diverse industries enables him to understand the unique challenges and opportunities faced by different organizational setups. He is committed to using his expertise to help organizations achieve their goals and objectives by providing effective, efficient, and sustainable solutions. With his expertise, Mr. Jaber helps organizations to select, retain, and develop top talent, which has ultimately led to improved organizational performance and success.

Shadi Awwad

Associate Consultant

Shadi Awwad holds the position of Associate Consultant at Rasd, where his responsibilities include the identification and placement of qualified leaders and executives within various industries. His role necessitates fostering meaningful relationships between clients and candidates, ensuring a seamless transition throughout the recruitment process.

Initiating his career with Rasd as a Researcher in 2019,  Mr. Awwad has since overseen search projects across diverse fields and business models. He currently spearheads search engagements, guiding them from inception to completion, while leveraging his proficiency in sourcing, market research, and candidate evaluation. His professional network includes executives in areas such as Risk, Governance, Compliance, HR, Talent Development, Project Management, and Marketing.

Mr. Awwad's clientele consists of companies within engineering and construction, renewable energy, advertising and marketing, drilling and oilfield solutions, and industrial manufacturing sectors. He maintains a focused interest in FMCG, Retail, Banking, and Defense, reflecting a comprehensive understanding of varied industries.

In pursuit of ongoing professional development,

Mr. Awwad actively seeks opportunities that will enable him to broaden his network and extend his responsibilities. Outside his professional endeavors, he partakes in activities including tennis, acting, online gaming, creative writing, and social engagement.

Mr. Awwad graduated from the Lebanese American University in 2015, earning a degree in Banking and Finance. He was distinguished with an award for the highest cumulative grade point average (CGPA) across LAU's Business School for the academic year 2013/2014. Equipped with a substantial academic and professional background, Mr. Awad stands ready to provide effective solutions and deliver favorable results for both clients and candidates.

Alex Essaid

Partner, Strategy & Transformation

Alex Essaid is Partner, Strategy & Transformation at Rasd. Since joining in 2013, he has led high impact executive search mandates across various sectors including family groups, investment conglomerates, construction, government, and renewable energy.

Mr. Essaid's leadership has sharpened Rasd's strategic direction, driving innovative changes to elevate client value and refining the firm's services. Emphasizing Rasd's "boutique" identity, Mr. Essaid champions lean thinking principles, perpetuating the high-quality standards set by its founder. With a "people first" approach, he has expanded the team and overseen operational enhancements that include continuous technology upgrades, ensuring efficiency and transparency.

Mr. Essaid's contributions led to the expansion of Rasd's leadership advisory services, embedding psychometrics into executive search processes. This aids in spotlighting the role of psychology in leadership matches.

Outside work, he delves into martial arts, drumming, theological philosophy, and global affairs. He holds a Bachelor's in Business Administration from Concordia University, Montreal.

Maëlan Gaucher

Advisor, Partnerships

Maëlan Gaucher serves as the Advisor for Partnerships at Rasd. Drawing from extensive talent acquisition experience, Ms. Gaucher showcases proficiency in negotiations and adept time management across various challenging environments.

Her tenure as Talent Acquisition Manager at OpenClassrooms enriched her with comprehensive recruitment knowledge across diverse departments. Her expertise spans from sourcing candidates, streamlining recruitment processes, to devising strategies for accelerated company growth.

Before OpenClassrooms, Ms. Gaucher advanced her career at Hult International Business School, transitioning from an Associate Director of Enrollment in Zurich to the Director of Enrollment for the EMBA program in Dubai. Her responsibilities extended from student recruitment to cultivating lasting relationships with candidates to achieve sales objectives.

Starting her academic journey as a French Instructor at Washington University in St. Louis, she not only imparted language education but also contributed to curriculum planning. Ms. Gaucher is a Master's graduate in Romance Languages, Literatures, and Linguistics from the same university.

She's reputed for her outstanding interpersonal prowess and resilience under pressure, emphasizing an inclusive work environment. Through her innovative talent strategies and recruitment metrics, she ensures her teams are set up for success.

Lana Harb

Associate Consultant

Lana Harb serves in the capacity of Associate Consultant at Rasd, responsible for working with corporations to meet their leadership talent objectives. Her functions include comprehensive oversight of the executive search process, from research and strategic planning to engagement with candidates and the facilitation of thorough evaluations.

Since joining Rasd in 2020, Mrs. Harb has directed searches for critical leadership positions such as Chief Executive Officers, Chief Financial Officers, and other critical operational leadership roles, for both conglomerates and privately-owned entities across the GCC region. Her work includes building effective connections with senior executives.

Mrs. Harb's capabilities encompass an in-depth understanding of economic principles, strategic alignment, and the sourcing of leadership talent. Utilizing a broad network of industry relationships and keen insights into regional market trends, she identifies and engages candidates that correspond to her clients' organizational goals and leadership requirements.

Mrs. Harb graduated from the American University of Science and Technology earning a Bachelor's Degree in Economics.

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Abdulkader Itani

Partner, Executive Search

Abdulkader Itani is Partner and Executive Director at Rasd, where he focuses on fulfilling business and human capital needs for private and public sector clients throughout the MENA region. He has steadily expanded his role since joining the firm in 2012.

Mr. Itani specializes in executive search mandates for top-level leadership positions, using his extensive knowledge and experience to drive business development and effectively execute mandates in Saudi Arabia and across key GCC markets.

In addition to guiding clients on hiring decisions,

Mr. Itani employs research, assessment, and evaluation methodologies to gather valuable insights on potential candidates. His passion for data-driven and meaningful results ensures that clients receive the best possible outcomes across various industries.

Mr. Itani divides his time between Beirut, Lebanon, and Dubai, UAE, with his family. He enjoys motor sports, participates in paddle tennis tournaments, and volunteers to build capacity and enhance support to underserved communities.

Mr. Itani holds a Bachelor of Science in Banking & Finance and an MBA from the Lebanese American University.​

Tatiana Boutros

Senior Consultant

Tatiana Boutros is Senior Consultant at Rasd, where she leverages her expertise in executive search to deliver tailored solutions for clients across the GCC and the Middle East. With a comprehensive understanding of the search process, she excels in formulating search strategies, conducting market research, and engaging with high-level executives to conduct thorough evaluations and achieve desired outcomes.

Since joining Rasd in 2019, Mrs. Boutros has spearheaded numerous complex search projects for C-suite roles, consistently demonstrating her ability to successfully place candidates within prominent business groups and companies in sectors such as Construction, Oil & Gas, Private Equity, Retail, and Investment Holdings.

As a strategic partner to her clients, Mrs. Boutros maintains an ever-expanding network of key executives across the region, ensuring she is well-positioned to help clients achieve their goals. Her commitment to excellence and strong communication skills make her a valuable asset in any executive search project.

Outside of work, Mrs. Boutros is an avid hiker and traveler, with a passion for exploring new cultures. She also enjoys listening to conversational and storytelling podcasts to enrich her knowledge and understanding of the world around her.

Mrs. Boutros holds a Bachelor of Economics from Saint Joseph University and a Master's degree in Management from ESA Business School in Beirut, Lebanon. With her solid educational background and industry experience, Tatiana is poised to deliver professional and high-quality consulting services to meet the unique needs of each client.

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